Capsules: Canna-Pet® Advanced Small

We know that your pet means the world to you, so Canna-Pet packed a world of research, experience, and powerful ingredients into one little capsule. Canna-Pet Advanced Small Capsules are recommended for cats, dogs, and all other animals under 20 pounds in weight.

These capsules are formulated exclusively from hemp to develop a truly unique natural supplement for your pets! The contents of these capsules can easily be opened and mixed directly into your pet’s favorite meal, or given directly to your pet in a pill pocket or with a treat.

Contents: 30 or 60 single serving capsules, 170mg each. 100% organic hemp.




“Canna -pet capsules helped our Ashley thru chemo and helps to calm her and keep her comfortable as she also has hip dysplasia as well as canine COPD. We swear by these and continue to give her the capsules on a daily basis. Canna-pet hemp capsules keep our pup Ashley, healthy, happy and ALIVE.”
– Sharnell B.

With just one or two pills a day and regular usage, you will notice your furkid has a new appreciation for life. The results will truly speak for themselves…and with Canna-Pet’s 30-Day Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose.