We are not alone in this world.

When the animal companions we share our Earth with are endangered, neglected, or abused, it affects all of us. Even if we may not always realize it. Even when we’re not sure what we can do to help.

The first phase in any successful revolution is awareness. The first step toward building a better world for pets is to realize the depth and breadth of their great global suffering.

The next step is to take ACTION – to improve the world, to heal and save one animal at a time.

Together, We Are Pet Conscious.


Helping to rescue, rehabilitate, house and save animal lives all around the world doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming or impossible. By working together, we can affect real change – on a local and global level. By sharing our strength, stories, passion and inspiration, we can all be Pet Conscious.

With your help, we’ll continue the fight to heal and rehabilitate suffering animals – and find them responsible, loving homes. With your participation, we’ll do so much more. Together, we’ll build a movement.

Pet Conscious is a big-minded movement. With a broad-minded focus. It lives to save individuals animals and to grow no-kill shelters. It exists to help organizations like the Beagle Freedom Project rescue animals from laboratories and fight for animal rights in the courtroom, and for the Vanderpump Foundation to lobby for their rights with the US Congress.

Saving Animals from Suffering

Pet Conscious works to save animals from suffering and neglect, in all corners of our earth. From funding research into animal cancers and seizure disorders, to wiping out foreign dog meat markets to finding loving homes for rehabilitated animals, our goal is to affect meaningful and POWERFUL change for pets globally.

Rescue and Rehabilitation

Pet Conscious assists in placing rescued animals in responsible and ethical no-kill shelters throughout the USA. We provide therapeutic nutritional products to help rehabilitate them in shelters and foster homes. Ultimately we assist in placing pets in permanent homes and ensuring their lifelong care.

Pet Conscious was created by us. But it will be defined by YOU.

Pet Conscious continues to expand through the will of its participants. As our voice grows louder and our reach extends further, we will wake more people up to the urgent need to end animal suffering and cruelty.

We invite you to join the movement. We encourage you to unleash your inner animal activist and save a life today.

We NEED you to Be Pet Conscious!









Support Our Amazing Network of Rescues

365 Days of Being Pet Conscious

There are 365 days in a year, that means there are 365 days to make a difference. Our mission is to build a better world for pets, but we can’t do it on our own. That’s why we’ve decided to support all rescues that help us in this cause. Click below to learn more about this program and find out how you can get involved: