One Passion. One Mission.

NO Animal Deserves to Suffer.

The reality is that when we look – both around the world and around our own cities – we know there are animals that are not treated as well as we treat our own pets. And we all know that no pet deserves that life – when a better home and better treatment is available for them.

At Pet Conscious, we believe that life is beautiful. We believe that all pets should be treated with kindness, dignity and respect. And that NO animal deserves to suffer.

At Pet Conscious, we’re committed to building a better world – for people and pets to enjoy together. To get there, we need the help, support and PASSION of people like you. We need you to be Pet Conscious.

Pet Conscious is a nonprofit foundation, a focused and driven vehicle for advancing the welfare of all animals, dedicated to ethical research, advocacy, rescue, and rehabilitations of pets worldwide.

We’re fighting for the nearly 12 million cats and dogs diagnosed with cancer each year here in the United States, and the millions suffering from pain, degenerative disease, and seizure disorders. We’re bringing awareness and education around the more than 30 million animals in need of loving homes – and building powerful partnerships with no-kill shelters worldwide.

We’re supporting individual dogs like Sonar. While still in his mother’s womb, Sonar was exposed to a contagious and serious viral illness with NO known cure. The disease, commonly known as distemper, attacks the nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord – causing seizures, paralysis and attacks of hysteria. While Sonar doesn’t have the virus itself, he has side effects from his mother’s infection with the virus. He is blind from glaucoma, nearly completely deaf and his teeth are brittle and beginning to break.

We’re working on global and local levels to effect real, meaningful and inspiring change in the lives of pets. In everything that we do, Pet Conscious remains committed to one unwavering and clearly defined mission:

Building a better world for pets.

Building a better world for pets

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