One movement.

Many methods.

Pet Conscious is devoted to bettering the lives of all pets, throughout the world. We utilize a wide range of methods, mediums, platforms and connections to accomplish this immediate and necessary goal.

Being conscious means many things: It means being aware; being focused; being dedicated.

Here are just a few of the ways Pet Conscious helps improve the quality of life for pets everywhere:

Cultivating sponsors

Pet Conscious has vetted key sponsors to help us raise funds and donate proceeds to top causes like shelters, rescue groups, research organizations and other animal-focused operations.

Raising awareness

Pet Conscious raises more than money. It serves as a powerful voice and advocate for the rights, health and welfare of pets all around the planet.

Forming partnerships

Pet Conscious teams up with hundreds of other animal-based organizations and causes globally to accomplish shared goals and form powerful partnerships for animal rescue and advocacy.

Donating products

Pet Conscious utilizes its manufacturing resources and product inventory through corporate partners to donate valuable products and materials both to animal-focused entities and organizations, and directly to animals in need.