Join the Movement

Be Pet Conscious.

Pet Conscious was created by us. But it will ultimately be defined by you.

We all share this beautiful and diverse earth together. And all of us here at Pet Conscious want to do everything in our power to make it better, kinder and safer – for all of our pets, all over the world.

We can’t create the kind of world we envision without your input, involvement and dedication. But with your help, we can get there. With your help, we will get there. And all of our pets will be better for our collective effort.

So join the movement. Get involved. Share your stories, talents, time and content. Be Pet Conscious!

Adopt a Pet

There are so many animals who are crying out for caring owners. Join with some of our partner organizations to adopt, foster, raise and love pets who need new homes.

Attend an event

Pet Conscious events offer all animal lovers and partners an opportunity to connect, network, form friendships and exchange ideas. They’re also a lot of FUN!. Attend one of our co-coordinated events and see for yourself.

Educate + activate

The more you know, the more you can do. Educate yourself and other animal lovers about important, ongoing issues involving pets. Better yet, jump right in and participate in active animal activism!

Create content

Sometimes, show is better than tell. So show us what safeguarding the lives of all our pets means to you. Film a video. Create artwork. Design a template for a funny or moving meme. Express yourself – and your love of animals. Show us what it means to Be Pet Conscious.

Share, share, share

Sharing is caring. So go ahead and share our story and site. Share your stories and experiences. Share the videos, memes and other content you create. We need to get the word – and pictures and video – out there. And we need you to help us out.

Network + grow

Network and share our stories, events, news and progress – online and out in the real world. Connect your local network to our global web of rescues, pets and volunteers. Together, we can work to build a better world for pets – one community and country at a time.

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