Our goal is to build a better world for pets, and we couldn’t do that without Canna-Pet. Canna-Pet has helped thousands of pets and rescued animals suffering from Arthritis.

Our pets cannot talk, and the underlying cause of their Arthritis can be hard to pinpoint – and that’s where Canna-Pet comes in. Canna-Pet capsules, liquids, and biscuits are derived from industrial hemp which makes their products a much better alternative to harsh medications that treat only specific symptoms.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our loving pet owners had to say:

“Apollo is a fourteen year old Golden Retriever suffering from arthritis in his spine and hips. Over the past five years we’ve gradually increased his dosage of anti-inflammatories and pain medications. Last year a friend suggested trying Canna-Pet for pain management. We ordered some capsules and added them to his current regimen and within days saw an obvious improvement in his movement! He climbed up on the sofa for the first time in years and moved with less care. His condition has continued to deteriorate and we’ve increased his Canna-Pet dosage with good results. We’re hoping to keep him happy and mobile for as long as possible!”
– Danica B.


There is truly no other product in the world like Canna-Pet. The results will for treating your pet’s Arthritis will be obvious. However, if within 30 days you do not agree, Canna-Pet will happily refund your order.

Canna-Pet is donating ALL of the proceeds of ALL PRODUCTS ordered from Pet Conscious to benefit rescues in need.