Our goal is to build a better world for pets, and we couldn’t do that without Canna-Pet. Canna-Pet has helped thousands of pets and rescued animals suffering from Cancer.

Our pets cannot talk, and the underlying cause of their Cancer can be hard to pinpoint – and that’s where Canna-Pet comes in. Canna-Pet capsules, liquids, and biscuits are derived from industrial hemp which makes their products a much better alternative to harsh medications that treat only specific symptoms.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our loving pet owners had to say:

“So I would like to thank you for keeping my dogger alive. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer 4 yrs ago. She has cancer in her lungs and stomach. They literally gave me 3 months to a year. I went home devastated, I started doing research found Canna-Pet, started giving it to her. I immediately saw a change. She turned back to a smiling happy dog almost puppy, like It keeps her tumors reduced, makes her eat, takes away any pain. A win-win with Canna-Pet. Thank you again for saving my dog’s life!”
– Tamara E.


There is truly no other product in the world like Canna-Pet. The results will for treating your pet’s Cancer will be obvious. However, if within 30 days you do not agree, Canna-Pet will happily refund your order.

Canna-Pet is donating ALL of the proceeds of ALL PRODUCTS ordered from Pet Conscious to benefit rescues in need.