Capsules: Canna-Pet® Advanced Large

The bigger the pet, the more to love…but nobody loves large pills.

Canna-Pet Advanced Large Capsules pack powerful natural ingredients into a tic-tac sized capsule – 100% organic, non-GMO, vegan ingredients sourced exclusively from hemp. These capsules are the perfect solution for pets over 20lbs in weight, including giant breeds.

Contents: 30 or 60 single serving capsules, 170mg each. 100% organic hemp.




Even professional animal shelters are using Canna-pet on their Leopard!

“Maku, our 17 year old Black Leopard, has responded very well to the dose of 3 large Canna-pet capsules per day. He is a lot more mobile, and moving around his habitat a lot more. We have also seen his appetite improve from being very selective about what he would eat and not very interested to back to his regular diet and eating it all right away. In a big cat his age this is a dramatic improvement which has caused a lot of happiness for his caretaker.”
– Oregon Tiger Sanctuary

Canna-Pet Advanced Large capsules can be added directly to your pets’ meal by twisting the capsule open. They may also be given inside a pill-pocket or with a treat. For pets up to 90lbs, serve 1-2 capsules daily, for pets over 95lbs increase this dosage to 2-3 capsules daily. The benefits will be obvious, butIf you don’t agree – we’ll give you your money back with Canna-Pet’s 30 day money back guarantee.


I use this product for my Australian Shepherd, Dexter. Dexter has horrible allergies – whether its fleas, the season, dry skin, he’s always itching at something. Canna-Pet has worked wonders for his uncomfortable skin. I rarely find him scratching and he seems happier than ever. We’ve also used Canna-Pet to help keep him calm and relaxed in the car and while flying! Works like a charm.