Coconut Religion – Raw, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil – 3.5 oz.


All Proceeds are Donated


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This certified organic, raw, cold-pressed coconut oil is extracted by centrifuge technology and the best on the market. It’s wild-harvested and handcrafted in small batches from coconuts in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam –  an oasis for the sweetest juiciest coconuts (and fruits) in the world. 3.5 oz size.

It’s the Do-It-All, Do-it-Oil!

EAT – Cook, Bake, Smoothies, Bullet-Proof Coffee, a Teaspoon a Day

PLAY – Massage oil, Lubricant for sexy time

LOVE – Moisturizer, Oil Pulling, Hair Masque, Body Oil, Make-up Remover, Natural SPF, Lip Balm, Mouthwash, Deodorant,
Hair Detangler, Heals Cuts and Burns.