Our partners in pet protection.

Unfortunately, millions of animals face daily illness, neglect and abuse.

We’re here to put an end to needless suffering – worldwide.

Here are a few of the organizations Pet Conscious collaborates with and empowers:

Adirondack Save A Stray is a nonprofit organization that shelters homeless, abandoned, injured and unwanted animals. It was founded with the idea that all animals should be spayed or neutered, in order to reduce the number of stray pets. ASAS is a no-kill shelter and due to that, as well as space constriction, it is […]

Agape Animal Rescue is dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned and displaced dogs while educating the public to be more responsible pet owners. At Agape, we have seen it all when it comes to man’s best friend. But despite the misfortunes these animals have endured, our commitment to them remains steadfastly clear: to provide […]

Alaska Shepherd Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit registered with the State of Alaska in 2016. Alaska Shepherd Rescue was created by a group of shepherd lovers. We help Belgian Malinois, German, and Dutch Shepherds in need.

Founded in 1960, ABTC’s mission is to protect and advance the interests of the Tervuren and to encourage higher standards in breeding, training, and competition of the breed. They also educate prospective owner’s on whether the Tervuren is a fit for them, and help you locate a prospective dog to adopt.

Angels with Misplaced Wings’ purpose is to empower people to consciously contribute to their communities. Our commitment to this purpose will be demonstrated by engaging people in our journey of providing long-term and hospice sanctuary to differently-abled and senior animal companions in a loving, family and home environment.

Aussie Rescue San Diego & Friends is a non-profit organization in San Diego finding homes for Australian Shepherds, Aussie mixes and other breeds. We save dogs in need, provide them with care, and evaluate them in order to place them into loving homes that best suits their needs as well as potential adopters needs.

The American Cancer Society’s Bark For Life fundraising events honor the life-long contributions of our canine caregivers. They allow people to be empowered through their canine companion partnerships – and to contribute to cancer cures for humans and animals alike through the mission of the American Cancer Society. Pet Conscious has already donated more than […]

Be Fido’s Friend is a 501c3 organization founded in 2011 and is a 100% volunteer run, foster-based, shelter-less rescue. Our mission is to give each dog in our rescue the very best care, foster home, and opportunity possible to prepare for his or her forever home. We use traditional and holistic methods to aid in […]

Beagle Freedom Project is an ambitious Los Angeles team fighting animal testing across the world. Beagle Freedom Project is able to do this by negotiating with laboratories for the release of dogs, drawing public attention to animal testing, and acting as ambassadors. Pet Conscious has already donated product and more than $5,000 in donations to […]

Bichon Rescue of Orange County Seniors for Seniors is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of neglected, abused, or otherwise homeless Bichon Frises, Bichon mixes and other small non-shedding breeds, placing these rescues into permanent, stable, and caring forever homes. We believe in the value of our senior citizens as adopters and […]

Know another worthy organization that needs support? Want to establish outreach or awareness efforts in your community? Contact Pet Conscious today.